SpyHunter 4

What is SpyHunter 4?


SpyHunter 4 is a reputable Download SpyHunter SpyHunter 4and powerful malware removal tool. It has a lot of pluses as its easy-to-use and it takes only a few seconds to launch it. SpyHunter can be used even by less experienced users, so there is no need to be well-experienced in computing. The removal tool aims at average system user and is developed to help people get rid of hazardous viruses. SpyHunter is automatic software not demanding time resources and providing the best result while cleaning the system.

What user has to do is only to download SpyHunter 4 and then install it. Everything else what has to be done is accomplished by this tool. It is a must to download SpyHunter as it can clean and protect your precious operating system. While surfing the net is a normal every day action, users visit a lot of websites and take a look at quite a few advertisements which attract their attention. However, some pages and pop-ups or other type of ads are not always safe, so any infection can be embedded in it. This means that no computer is protected from entrance of malware. On the other hand, you can safeguard your operating system and all you have to do is to download SpyHunter 4. You should have SpyHunter installed on your computer as it provides a long term protection. Thus, you shouldn’t be worried about potential system intruders.


How does SpyHunter 4 operate?

The first step is to download SpyHunter and then of course, install it. After this, you can quickly and easily scan the system and get the list of the necessary-to-remove viruses or potentially unwanted applications. What every computer user needs to know about SpyHunter is that everyone can find this removal tool beneficial, because it has supplementary customization functions. Hence, SpyHunter takes care of each user’s special needs and can help trace any, even the toughest malware. While other anti-spywares lack this, SpyHunter 4 can quickly detect and eliminate rootkits. If you were not already introduced with this term, rootkits employ hidden files in order not to be traced. This means that the usual malware detection tool cannot find rootkits while SpyHunter really does. You can count on SpyHunter by 100 % and be sure that even cleverest rootkits will be detected and safely removed.

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What are the features of SpyHunter?

Be informed that SpyHunter 4 has a full package of features and can provide the user with the best service. The operation of SpyHunter is extremely efficient, so one can be sure that all types of threats, e.g. rogues, Trojans, worms, toolbars, are deleted with the help of this removal software. If, in some case, after performing the scan the necessary malware is not found, one will still get the help needed as the customized fix will be performed on your computer.

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Read more about SpyHunter System Requirements, EULA and steps to uninstall.


The list of most beneficial features of SpyHunter:


Advanced File System and Registry Scan

scan icon SpyHunter 4One of the best features of SpyHunter 4 is the advanced system scan. After the scan is completed, the user is given a list of potential malware. This SpyHunter’s feature is highly useful, because the hidden malware are also brought to light. SpyHunter offers the protection of mostly used browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Spyware HelpDesk

helpdesk icon SpyHunter 4SpyHunter’s HelpDesk function allows the user to be provided with the customized fix. It becomes necessary when SpyHunter cannot trace some kind of virus, so the additional help is needed.  In such case, the user can contact a support team and provide it with a support ticket. After a remote analysis of computer, the user gets the answer – the guide on how to remove the malware. A support team picks up the threats manually and makes it possible for all malignant entries to be deleted.

Proactive Protection

protection icon SpyHunter 4With the help of System Guards feature, the user is able to prevent the attacks of malware. Every time the user launches a new process, SpyHunter reacts to it by permitting, running or blocking it. In this way, if the malicious file was launched, it is stopped and the system is not infected. Otherwise, the launching was still begun, so the user must use SpyHunter and perform a system scan in order to remove a virus.

Homepage Protection

homepage icon SpyHunter 4This feature is extremely beneficial as most of malware normally change the browser settings and modify the home page. To avoid this, the user should enable the feature named homepage protection and there will be no worries about the modifications on the browser. If malware changes something, the home page settings are immediately restored back to the ones you have set.

Rootkit Detection

rootkits icon SpyHunter 4Rootkit detection is one of the most distinctive and powerful functions which is absent in average anti-spyware. Meanwhile, SpyHunter owns this function and can detect even the most deeply hidden rootkits. Then, these intrusive rootkits are removed without a chance to recreate themselves ever again.

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Read more about SpyHunter System Requirements, EULA and steps to uninstall.


* SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. More info on SpyHunter System Requirements. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. If you wish to uninstall SpyHunter, click here.